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 I worked for the Scottsboro Police Department for 25 years and while serving my community, as a Law Enforcement Officer, I learned the core values of professionalism.  

I retired in January 2019, where at the time my side hustle was retail and it is still a part of my life, however, I know where my heart truly belongs. 

I knew I had to get back into the justice arena but I still needed something different. I figured since I had spent all those years putting people in jail, why not try getting them out.  

Professional Bondsmen play a key roll in the process that helps keep our court systems flowing.  Time in jail is time spent networking within a negative and fruitless environment.  The key to getting out of trouble is getting out of jail as fast as you can so that you can get the help you need for whatever reasons you need it.  A bondsman’s job is to make sure you show up to your court date but i say that a bondsman’s job is more than that…….Going above and beyond the call of duty to prove our support to our clients and our community is our promise at Armored Bonding Company.


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